Catie’s Story

This is the “fan fic” that I wrote and never finished back in 2001. Yeesh. I’ve been re-reading it and would like to finish it…but it needs work. I think my girl is a little too weepy; I want her to be a bit stronger. I intend on leaving the time line as it is and not updating it, simply because I do not know what has been going on in the WWE for years.  I will add this, if necessary, in parts as I did originally as I make new edits to it.

Additionally, I will be publishing it in PDF format. I will post links on this page to the different chapters and you can download them and read on the Free Adobe Reader. I believe there are also apps you can get for your smart phone that will enable you to read a PDF document. Click the link below to download the free Adobe Reader; my recommendation is that you uncheck the box for the optional McAfee software.


Catie’s Story Chapters 1-8


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