Welcome back!

For those of you who were with me years ago…and a hello to all of you who may be new. I pretty much explained on the about page what my goal is here. I have a lot of old photos and graphics I thought I would post for fun (ah how much better I can do with graphics now than 10 years ago). I have photos from various matches, events, television appearances…you name it. But keep in mind, this stuff is from the 1999-2001 era for the most part.

In 2001 I was dealing with a broken heart, and the joy I felt in not only watching wrestling but also running the site completely left me. But my love for Mark/The Undertaker never has!

So sit back and enjoy while I build a site from some of the older stuff I have, and share with you newer stuff I find. If it is all “old news” to you then I apologize, for I have been out of the loop. I’ve done some online searching tonight for the first time in years and have been enjoying what I have found.

I hope that you will all consider registering, or posting comments. This can be fun and a good time!


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